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Our Focus.

All of our trucks are installed with a tracking device. This allows us to track our fleet in real-time. The system also facilitates the setting of goefences along a designated route or around a prescribed secure parking location. Furthermore, it allows for the capture of a unit’s fuel consumption together with feedback on a driver’s driving style. We use this information to review our performance and to make improvements, with actionable feedback given to our drivers and operations staff.

All of our refrigerated trailers are fitted with the latest tracking systems, allowing us to monitor a fridge’s temperature, location and performance throughout its journey. We can also remotely interact with our fridges, either from our offices or mobile device.
Alarm notifications are set against every load and we monitor fridge temperatures around the clock. Additionally, all fridges are maintained to the highest standards, hold ATP-FRC certification and under annually a 5-point temperature calibration certification.

In recognising that a loads integrity is not only about maintaining its temperature or loaded state within our trailers, but that it extends to ensuring no unauthorised access to the load. Furthermore, that our driving staff are both protected and given the tools to further assist in the safe transport and delivery our customer’s product.
For our drivers we have put in place a “panic button” solution which allows swift notification and immediate action of any emergency situation. They also have access to our operations team 24/7.
On all of our hard-sided trailers we have fitted a TAPA approved integrated locking system and back door sensors.
Additionally, we have installed a 4-camera system to all of our trucks, which boasts blind-spot screens inside the truck cabin. The system also allows for live visual feeds of each of the cameras, and remote downloading in the event of a reported incident, or to facilitate requests for information.
Furthermore, we have retrofitted and significant portion of our fleet with additional side sensors to fulfil the various Low Emission Zone operating requirements across a number of major cities across the UK and Europe (e.g. London’s LEZ/ULEZ).

We are continually investing in the latest truck and trailer technologies and specifications to further reduce our carbon footprint and to provide the very best to our customers. Over the past 18 months we have taken delivery of over 150 new refrigerated trailer units and our truck fleet is now almost exclusively EURO 6 class.
Allied to this we actively reviewing  our routes and unit positioning to reduce “dead mileage”, and our regularly updated driving training programme gives our drivers every possible tool to operate at their best, across the board (e.g. road safety, fuel consumption, customer compliance).